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Personal Counselling for Executives in Management and Social Management

Since the end of the 1980s, various types of counselling for individuals, teams, and small groups have been offered for executives from various professions and hierarchical levels under the term coaching.
Today, this type of counselling, which takes into account the occupational situation of executives, mainly consists of individual counselling in a confidential, personal discussion in private.
Thus, the professional and personal situation of managers can be considered who often are desirous of a protected space external to their organisation in order to receive counselling on often difficult matters.
This confidential space facilitates the required distance from the professional everyday life and ensures a professional and independent guidance to reflect on decision-making processes and processes of actions.

What does coaching mean?

Coaching is workplace-related and task-oriented counselling for executives of profit and non-profit organisations. The counselling work relates to professional and institutional interactions.
This includes mainly working with personal, social and conceptual managerial competences. The focus of counselling depends on your present situation at your place of work.
Coaching is a long-term discussion process accompanying the daily managerial activity through regular sessions. The duration and number of counselling sessions as well as the intervals between the individual sessions are agreed upon based on requirement and subject matter.

How does coaching assist ...

Executive personnel are given support in their individual counselling process on
how to deal with occupational management situations with a maximum of professional and personal competence;
how to deal in a competent way with the needs of your organisation on all relevant levels;
how to evaluate in a realistic way and how to use efficiently your personal competences and how to further develop your personality correspondingly;
how to identify, formulate, communicate, and coordinate adequately your objectives within the organisational context and how to realise these objectives within the scope of your managerial activity in the organisation;
how to develop your personal and professional progress for your satisfaction at the place of work.

Who coaches?

Counsels of executive personnel should be trained specialists.
It is thus recommended to inquire whether the counsel of your choice possesses the following competences:
Technical, management and organisational knowledge in the field of work of their potential clients;
Broad organisational competence: they have knowledge of different organisations, their tasks, visions, and structures;
A broad and flexible counselling competence based on concepts, to facilitate their clients a broader view of their organisation and to provide a variety of perspectives to extend their competences for action;
A high level of own personal training such that the counsel can make available his/her own person for the counselling process in the best way possible.

What is discussed during coaching?

Counselling deals with all matters of importance for you in your executive function. This also includes communication and actions relating to the customers of your organisation as well as cooperation with employees reporting to you, and cooperation with other executive personnel and superiors within the organisation.
Communication with other departments within the organisation and cooperating organisations may also be an important matter for counselling.
Your concerns are examined during counselling from different points of view and subsequently discussed in a solution-oriented way. Based on the counselling sessions, the steps realised at the place of work are evaluated and further steps which are required in the organisation from your point of view are considered and discussed.
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Christiane Schmidt

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Individual counselling for executives

Learn how to deal with the variety of occupational managerial situations with maximum professional and personal competence.
Evaluate your own competences in a realistic way, use them efficiently, and develop these competences further in relation to your own personality and capabilities.
Formulate objectives, communicate objectives within the organisational context and realise these objectives within the scope of you managerial activity.

Organisational facts

The subject of counselling, schedules, number of sessions, intervals, cost of counselling and all other contractual agreements may be discussed at the end of the free information session.
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